FAERE 2016 Conference

3rd FAERE Annual Conference

September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux

Organized by GREThA and Irstea


The aim of the conference is to promote scientific research in the field of environmental economics. All theoretical or applied works are welcome, on topics such as biodiversity, fishery, agriculture, forestry, water, energy, climate, pollution, green growth, and bio-based economy. Four particular themes will be highlighted: i) evaluation (non-market values, ecosystem services, sustainability criteria, equity, risk value, etc.), ii) social interactions (cooperation, coalition, etc.), iii) environmental policy (taxation, voluntary agreements, tradeable permits, labelling, etc.) and iv) the economics of network industries (energy, water, etc.).

Confirmed keynote speakers are Pr. Ian Bateman – Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment, University of East Anglia and Dr. Marko Lindroos – University of Helsinki.

This 3rd annual conference will also be an opportunity to launch the Young Economist best paper FAERE Award. The particulars of this contest can be found here.

All presentations will be in English.

Authors are invited to submit their paper no later than April 17th, 2016.

Important dates:

Submission due: May 2nd, 2016.

Acceptance due: June 01st, 2016.

Registration deadline: July 18th, 2016.

3rd Annual Conference  FAERE – September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux

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3rd Annual Conference FAERE – September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux

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Thursday, 8th September

08.30 – 09.00             Registration                                 Hall d’entrée

09.00 – 09.30             Welcome Speeches                        Amphi Ellul

Marc-Alexandre Senegas, Head of GREThA
Frédéric Saudubray , Head of Irstea Bordeaux
Alain Ayong Le Kama, President of the FAERE

09.30 – 10.30             Plenary Session 1                          Amphi Ellul

Pr. Ian Bateman (University of Exeter)

10.30 – 11.00             Coffee Break                                Room RG

11.00 – 12.30             Parallel Sessions A

Session A1: Ecosystem services & Biodiversity 1                   Room 1J
Chairman: Luc Doyen

Vincent Martinet (INRA Economie Publique), Maria Pérez-Urdiales (INRA Economie Publique): Pesticide use reductions at landscape level: Efficient allocation of land uses (Discussant: Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline)

Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline (PSE, Université Paris 1), Sébastien Roussel (Université de Montpellier 3, LAMETA): Payments for carbon sequestration in agricultural soils: Incentives for the future and fair rewards for the past (Discussant: Sylvain Caurla)

Sylvain Caurla (INRA, LEF), Jonathan Lenglet (AgroParisTech), Jean-Yves Courtonne (INRIA): Material flow analysis of the forest-wood supply chain: a consequential approach for logs export policies in France (Discussant: Vincent Martinet)

Session A2: Energy Economics and Policy 1                        Room 1F
Chairman: Sylvie Ferrari

Yassine Kirat (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): The actual impact of shale gas revolution on the U.S. manufacturing sector  (Discussant: Dorothée Charlier)

Dorothée Charlier (Université de Montpellier): Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in the service sector: Evidence for 15 European countries (Discussant: Olivier Joalland)

Olivier Joalland (Irstea, Bordeaux), Tina Rambonilaza (Irstea, Bordeaux): Assessing the impact of renewable energy deployment on the use value of rural landscape: a spatial hedonic analysis of rural cottages prices (Discussant: Yassine Kirat)

Session A3: Growth Models 1                                         Room 1L
Chairman: Cees Withagen

Geir B. Asheim (University of Oslo): Sustainable growth  (Discussant: Hagen Schwerin)

Hagen Schwerin (ETH Zürich), Sebastian Rausch (ETH Zürich): Long-run energy use and the efficiency paradox (Discussant: Stellio Del Campo)

Stellio Del Campo (Economix, Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre La Défense): Renewable resources and inequality aversion: what consequences for the future? (Discussant: Geir B. Asheim)    

Session A4: Game theory                                             Room 2B
Chairman: Jean-Christophe Péreau

Stefan Ambec (Toulouse School of Economics, INRA): Welfare division in the commons (Discussant: Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet)

Louis-Gaëtan Giraudet (CIRED), Céline Guivarch (CIRED): Global warming as an asymmetric public bad (Discussant: Anne-Sarah Chiambretto)

Anne-Sarah Chiambretto (Indep-Greqam): Public voluntary agreements as correlated equilibria of a subscription game: on the impact of a background regulatory threat (Discussant: Stefan Ambec)

Session A5: Land-use management & spatial issues 1            Room 3B
Chairman: Tina Rambonilaza

Antoine Leblois (INRA), Tristan Le Cotty (CIRAD), Elodie Maître d’Hotel (CIRAD): Do farmers prefer to insure against catastrophic risks or frequent risks in presence of basis risk? (Discussant: Natalia Zugravu-Soilita)

Natalia Zugravu-Soilita (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines-UVSQ), Vincent Geronimi (UVSQ), Le Gargasson (UVSQ), Jessy Tsang King Sang (UVSQ): Towards a less vulnerable and more sustainable development: the role of heritage tourism in the island economies (Discussant: Stefanija Veljanoska)

Stefanija Veljanoska (Paris School of Economics, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Université Paris-Sud): Can land fragmentation reduce the exposure of rural households to weather variability? (Discussant: Antoine Leblois)


12.30 – 14.00             Lunch                                        Room RG

14.00 – 15.30             Parallel Sessions B

Session B1: Ecosystem services & Biodiversity 2                   Room 1J
Chairman: Anke Leroux

Marc Leandri (Université de Versailles Saint Quentin, CEMOTEV), Mabel Tidball (INRA-LAMETA): Does Inertia matter? Assessing the sustainability of optimal pollution paths when the degradation of assimilative capacity is time-dependent (Discussant: Eric Tromeur)

Eric Tromeur (AgroParisTech, Sorbonne Universités), Luc Doyen (Gretha, CNRS-Université Bordeaux): Optimal biodiversity loss in multispecies fisheries (Discussant: Charles Figuières)

Charles Figuières (INRA LAMETA), Chloé Mulier (INRA LAMETA), Pierre Courtois (INRA LAMETA): A Tale of two diversities (Discussant: Marc Leandri)

Session B2: Pollution policy and trade                              Room 1F
Chairman: Hubert Stahn

Thais Nuñez-Rocha (Paris 1), Inmaculada Martinez-Zarzoso (Georg-August Goettingen University): Are international environmental agreements effective? The case of trade in hazardous chemicals and persistent organic pollutants (Discussant: Marion Davin)

Marion Davin (LAMETA – Université de Montpellier), Karine Constant (Economix, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense), Antoine Le Riche (GAINS – Université du Maine): Growth, trade and climate Change: How the mutual effects of trade and climate change shape the world economy? (Discussant: Sylvaine Poret)

Sylvaine Poret (INRA-ALISS, Département d’Economie, Ecole Polytechnique): Label battles: competition among NGOs as standard setters (Discussant: Thais Nuñez-Rocha)

Session B3: Growth Models 2                                        Room 1L
Chairman: Geir B. Asheim

Houévoh Amandine Gnonlonfin (LEAD-Université de Toulon), Yusuf Kocoglu (LEAD-Université de Toulon), Nicolas Péridy (LEAD-Université de Toulon): Waste and economic growth: lessons from EKC empirical framework (Discussant: Gilles Lafforgue)

Gilles Lafforgue (Toulouse Business School), Luc Rouge (Toulouse Business School): A dynamic model of recycling with endogenous technological breakthrough (Discussant: Julien Daubanes)

Julien Daubanes (ETH Zurich), Fanny Henriet (Paris School of Economics), Katheline Schubert (University Paris 1): More gas to reduce CO2 emissions? (Discussant: Houévoh Amandine Gnonlonfin)

Session B4: Instruments and market 1                              Room 2B
Chairman: Dominique Bureau

Jean-Philippe Nicolai (ETH Zurich), Jorge Zamorano (Université Paris I-Panthéon Sorbonne): Differentiating permits allocation across areas (Discussant: Olivier Thebaud)

Olivier Thebaud (Ifremer), Sophie Gourguet (Ifremer), Pierre Lelong (ENEA Consulting), Luc Doyen (Gretha, CNRS), Rich Little (CSIRO): Modeling the impacts of a discard ban in a mixed fishery under catch-quota management (Discussant: François Salanié)

François Salanié (TSE, Université Toulouse Capitole), Vera Zaporozhets (TSE, Université Toulouse Capitole): Water allocation, crop choice, and priority services (Discussant: Jean-Philippe Nicolai)

Session B5: Land-use management & spatial issues 2           Room 3B
Chairman: Jeanne Dachary-Bernard

Emmanuelle Lavaine (IREGE, Université Savoie Mont Blanc), Henrik Andersson (TSE): Nitrates and People perception: A hedonic application (Discussant: Pascale Phelinas)

Pascale Phelinas (IRD-UMR CESSMA-UMR CERDI), Johanna Choumert (Economic Development Initiatives E.D.I.): Farmland rental values in GM soybean areas of Argentina: do contractual arrangements matter? (Discussant: Laetitia Tuffery)

Laetitia Tuffery (Université Paris Saclay, Evry Val d’Essonne), Marc Baudry (UPOND), Lionel Ragot (UPOND): Accessibility to a multi-sites amenity and hedonic environmental valuation, how to conciliate Rosen and Alonso? (Discussant: Emmanuelle Lavaine)  

15.30 – 16.00             Coffee Break                             Room RG

16.00 – 17.30             Parallel Sessions C

Session C1: Adaptation to climate change 1                    Room 1J
Chairman: Céline Nauges

Ingmar Schumacher (IPAG Business School): Climate policy must favour mitigation over adaptation (Discussant: Anna Lungarska)

Anna Lungarska (INRA-AgroParisTech, UMR Économie Publique), Raja Chakir (INRA-AgroParisTech, UMR Économie Publique): Climate induced land use change in France: impacts of agricultural adaptation and climate change mitigation (Discussant: Antoine Dechezlepretre)

Antoine Dechezlepretre (London School of Economics), Damien Dussaux (London School of Economics), David Hemous (University of Zurich), Mirabelle Muuls (Imperial College of London): International outsourcing and innovation in clean technologies (Discussant: Ingmar Schumacher)

Session C2: Resource Economics 1                              Room 1F
Chairman: Stefano Bosi

Philippe Mahenc (Université de Montpellier, Lameta), Bocar Samba Ba (Université de Montpellier, Lameta): Recycling an exhaustible resource (Discussant: Cees Withagen)

Cees Withagen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Gerard van der Meijden (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Karolina Ryszka (Ecorys): Double limit pricing (Discussant: Hubert Stahn)

Hubert Stahn (GREQAM), Agnès Tomini (GREQAM): On the environmental efficiency of water storage: The case of a conjunctive use of ground and rainwater (Discussant: Philippe Mahenc)

Session C3: Risk and vulnerability 1                             Room 1L
Chairman: François Salanié

Katrin Erdlenbruch (Irstea, UMR G-EAU), Claire Richert (UMR G-EAU), Charles Figuières (Inra, UMR Lameta): Attitude towards financial risk and attitude towards flood risk do not play the same role in individual flood mitigation (Discussant: Francois Cohen)

Francois Cohen (LSE): Temperature, mortality and income inequality: Evidence from Mexico (Discussant: Can Askan Mavi)

Can Askan Mavi (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Ecole d’économie de Paris): Uncertain catastrophic events : Another source of environmental traps? (Discussant: Katrin Erdlenbruch)

Session C4: Instruments and market 2                           Room 2B
Chairman: Lionel Ragot

Jérôme Pouyet (Paris School of Economics), David Martimort (Paris School of Economics), Francesco Ricci (Université de Montpellier): Contracting for the management of a non-renewable resource: Extracting information or extracting resource? (Discussant: Marita Laukkanen)

Marita Laukkanen (VATT Institute for Economic Research), Jarkko Harju (VATT Institute for Economic Research), Tuomas Kosonen (VATT Institute for Economic Research): Tax incidence in the fuel market: Evidence from station-level data (Discussant: Dominique Bureau)

Dominique Bureau (Ministère Ecologie Paris): Tout sauf l’instrumentation pigouvienne ! Economie politique de l’inefficacité des politiques environnementales (Discussant: Jérôme Pouyet)

Session C5: Land-use management & spatial issues 3        Room 3B
Chairman: Lauriane Mouysset

Elsa Martin (CESAER), Sophie Legras (CESAER), Virginie Piguet (CESAER): Land sharing versus land sparing to protect water from pesticide pollution? (Discussant: Serge Garcia)

Serge Garcia (INRA-LEF), Claudio Petucco (LEF): Multiple-use or specialized management for biodiversity conservation and carbon sequestration: Evidence from a survey on NIPF owners in Denmark (Discussant: Romuald Kinda)

Eric Kere (CERDI), Romuald Kinda (Université Ouaga): Climate change and food security: Do spatial spillovers matter? (Discussant: Elsa Martin)

18.00                           Wine tasting                        Room RG

20.00                           Conference Dinner

Friday 9th September

08.30 – 10.00             Parallel Sessions D

Session D1: Adaptation to climate change 2                    Room 1J
Chairman: Charles Figuières

Matthieu Glachant (MINES Paristech), François Cohen (London School of Economics), Magnus Soderberg (University of Gothenburg): The Adaptation of the US residential sector to global warming (Discussant: Sophie Legras)

Sophie Legras (INRA, UMR 1041 CESAER): Commuting in Happyville (Discussant: Djamel Kirat)

Djamel Kirat (Université d’Orléans), Dorothée Charlier (Université de Montpellier), Mouez Fodha (Université Paris 1): CO2 emissions from the residential sectors in Europe: drivers and distributive consequences (Discussant: Matthieu Glachant)

Session D2: Energy Economics and Policy 2                    Room 1F
Chairman: Sébastien Rouillon

Jean-Christophe Poudou (Université de Montpellier, LAMETA), Axel Gautier (HEC, University of Liege, and CORE), Julien Jacquemin (HEC Liege, University of Liege): The Prosumers and the Grid (Discussant: Emmanuel Combet)

Emmanuel Combet (CIRED, Paris): Energy tax reform in time of crisis. The case of energy dependent and open economies (Discussant: Prudence Dato)          

Prudence Dato (IREGE-Université Savoie Mont Blanc), Tunç Durmaz (SEE, City University of Hong Kong), Aude Pommeret (SEE, City University of Hong Kong and IREGE, University of Savoie): Intermittent renewable electricity generation with smart grids (Discussant: Jean-Christophe Poudou)

Session D3: Non-market valuation                                 Room 1L
Chairman: Olivier Beaumais

Marine Favre (IRSTEA, UMR G-EAU), Marielle Montginoul (IRSTEA, UMR G-EAU): Estimating household water demand and willingness-to-pay to maintain future access: evidence from Central Tunisia (Discussant: Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu)

Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu (University of Nantes), Romain Crastes (University of Leeds), Jordan Louviere (University of South Australia), Ewa Zawojska (Warsaw University): Preference revelation under lie detection (Discussant: Stéphane Luchini)

Stéphane Luchini (CNRS-GREQAM-AMSE), Nicolas Jacquemet (Paris School of Economics), Jason Shogren (University of Wyoming), Verity Watson (University of Aberdeen): How to improve response consistency in discrete choice experiments? An Induced Values Investigation (Discussant: Marine Favre)

Session D4: Instruments and market 3                            Room 2B
Chairman: Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline

Lauriane Mouysset (Gretha, CNRS): Agricultural public policies: green or sustainable? (Discussant : Simon de Bonviller)

Simon de Bonviller (GESTE- ENGEES, Université de Strasbourg), Phu Nguyen-Va (BETA – Université de Strasbourg), Anne Rozan (GESTE- ENGEES, Université de Strasbourg): Do water markets bring efficiency? Water market impacts on agricultural productivity in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia (Discussant: Emeline Hily)

Emeline Hily (INRA-AgroParisTech-LEF), Martin Drechsler (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research), Frank Wätzold (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg): Cost-effectiveness of agri-environmental schemes under climate change (Discussant: Lauriane Mouysset)

Session D5: Land-use management & spatial issues 4          Room 3B
Chairman: Serge Garcia

Johanna Choumert (Economic Development Initiatives), Eric Kéré (BAD), Pascale Combes, Jean-Louis Combes (CERDI – Clermont Université), Olivier Santoni (CERDI – Clermont Université), Sonia Schwartz (CERDI – Clermont Université): Addressing contextual and location biases in the assessment of Protected Areas effectiveness on deforestation in the Brazilian Amazonia (Discussant: Gengyang Tu)

Gengyang Tu (INRA-AgroParisTech-LEF), Jens Abildtrup (INRA AgroParisTech-LEF): Does stated happiness affects preferences for urban green spaces? An analysis of stated residential choices (Discussant: Stéphane Lambrecht)

Chokri Dridi (Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis, IDP), Joseph Hanna (Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis, IDP), Stéphane Lambrecht (Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis, IDP): Heterogeneity in preferences for transportation modes: Effects on modal split and urban pollution (Discussant: Johanna Choumert)

10.00 – 10.30            Coffee Break                               Room RG

10.30 – 11.30             Plenary Session 2                        Amphi Ellul

Dr. Marko Lindroos (University of Helsinki)

11.30 – 12.30             FAERE General Assembly               Amphi Ellul

12.30 – 14.00            Lunch                                      Room RG

14.00 – 16.00           Parallel Sessions E

Session E1: Ecosystem services & Biodiversity 3                Room 1J
Chairman: Olivier Thébaud

Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah (Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Ing-Marie Gren (Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Chuan-Zhong Li (Department of Economics, Uppsala University): Fungi diversity in Swedish forests: impact of site quality on standing volume and variability in forest growth (Discussant: Jens Abildtrup)

Jens Abildtrup (INRA-LEF), Cosmas Lambini (University of Bayreuth), Trung Nguyen (University of Bayreuth), Van Dien Pham (Forestry University, Hanoi), Serge Garcia (INRA-LEF): The cost of provision of forest ecosystem services: An econometric analysis from private forests in Vietnam (Discussant: Anne-Charlotte Vaissière)

Anne-Charlotte Vaissière (Université de Montpellier, LAMETA), Léa Tardieu (INRA, AgroParisTech, LEF), Fabien Quétier (Biotope), Sébastien Roussel (Université Paul Valéry): Farmers’ preferences on implementing biodiversity offsets on arable lands: A choice experiment study (Discussant: Franklin Amuakwa-Mensah)

Session E2: Resource Economics 2                               Room 1F
Chairman: Matthieu Glachant

Olivier Beaumais (UMR 6240 LISA, Corte), Paul Veyronnet (CREAM, Université de Rouen) : Hétérogénéité des préférences, perception de la qualité et choix d’alimentation en eau potable en France, Un logit multinomial à facteurs d’échelle (Discussant: Bocar Samba Ba )

Bocar Samba Ba (Université de Montpellier), Raphaël Soubeyran (INRA-LAMETA): The pricing of recyclable exhaustible resources (Discussant: Pascal Le Floc’h)

Pascal Le Floc’h (UBO AMURE): Trajectoire et sentiers de dépendances des pêches maritimes françaises (Discussant:Pierre-Alain Jayet)

Pierre Humblot (INRA UMR Economie Publique), Pierre-Alain Jayet (INRA UMR Economie Publique), Thanasis Petsakos (Centro Internacional de la Papa, Peru): Farm-level bio-economic modeling of water and nitrogen use: calibrating yield response functions with limited data  (Discussant:Olivier Beaumais)

Session E3: Growth Models 3                                     Room 1L
Chairman: Mouez Fodha

Fabien Prieur (Toulouse Business School), Benteng Zou (University of Luxembourg): On the impact of indirect competition for political influence on environmental policy (Discussant: Pierre Pecher)

Pierre Pecher (UCLouvain): Ethnic divisions and economic performance (Discussant: Nicolas Clootens)

Nicolas Clootens (Laboratoire d’Economie d’Orléans): Resource and Labor Taxation in Overlapping Generation Economies with an Essential Polluting Resource (Discussant: Stefano Bosi)

Stefano Bosi (University of Evry, EPEE), David Desmarchelier (University of Paris Ouest, ECONOMIX): Pollution and infectious diseases (Discussant: Fabien Prieur)

Session E4: Instruments and Market 4                          Room 2B
Chairman: Pierre Lasserre

Benoit Cheze (IFPEN; ECONOMIX, Univ. Paris Ouest), Julien Chevallier (LED, Univ. Paris 8, IPAG Business School, IPAG Lab), Emilie Alberola (I4CE, HEC Paris): The environmental effectiveness of the EU ETS in presence of economic recession and climate policies overlaps (Discussant: Simon Quemin)

Simon Quemin (Université Paris Dauphine, PSL Research University, CGEMP, Chaire Economie du Climat): Emissions tax and cap-and-trade schemes under smooth ambiguity aversion (Discussant: Philippe Quirion)

Philippe Quirion (CIRED, CNRS), Oskar Lecuyer (AFD): Interaction between CO2 emissions trading and renewable energy subsidies under uncertainty: feed-in tariffs as a safety net against over-allocation (Discussant: Diane Aubert)

Diane Aubert (Université Paris 1, CES, PSE): Environmental taxation, frictional unemployment and migration in a two-region model (Discussant: Benoit Cheze)

Session E5: Risk and Vulnerability 2                          Room 3B
Chairman: Katrin Erdlenbruch

Jeanne Dachary-Bernard (Irstea, Bordeaux), Tina Rambonilaza (Irstea, Bordeaux), Marie Lemarié-Boutry (Gretha Université de Bordeaux): The response of land markets to flood protection and flood experience: a hedonic price modeling on the Gironde estuary (France) (Discussant: Claire Richert )

Claire Richert (UMR G-EAU), Katrin Erdlenbruch (Irstea, UMR G-EAU), Charles Figuières (Inra, UMR Lameta): The determinants of household’s flood mitigation decisions in France – evidence of feedback effects from past investments (Discussant: Anke Leroux)

Anke Leroux (Monash University), Zack Dorner (Monash University), Daniel Brent (Louisiana State University): Eliciting Risk Preferences for Intrinsic Attributes (Discussant: Jeanne Dachary-Bernard)

16.00 – 16.30             Coffee Break                           Room RG

16.30                       End of the Conference

3rd FAERE Annual Conference – September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux

Program Chairs:

  • Charles Figuières
  • François Salanié

Program Committee:

  • Luc Doyen, Responsible for GREThA
  • Tina Rambonilaza, Responsible for Irstea
  • Jean-Christophe Pereau, GREThA
  • Bénédicte Rulleau, Irstea
  • Sébastien Rouillon, GREThA
  • Lauriane Mouysset, GREThA
  • Sylvie Ferrari, GREThA
  • Jean-Philippe Terreaux, Irstea
  • Jeanne Dachary-Bernard, Irstea
  • Jeoffrey Dehez, Irstea
  • Clarisse Cazals, Irstea

3rd FAERE Annual Conference – September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux

Submissions are now closed.

3rd FAERE Annual Conference – September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux


Registrations are now closed.

Conference Participation Fee

– Nonmembers: €120

– FAERE members: €60

– Joining members (Membership + Registration): €110

– Joining members (Membership at reduced rate for students, retired and unemployed + Registration): €80

Registration fees include coffee breaks, lunches and the gala dinner on September 8th. Registration will be effective only after payment reception.

You can get your membership and pay online : Membership

3rd Annual Conference FAERE – September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux

FAERE 2016 will take place at the Pôle juridique et Judiciaire (or Pôle Pey-Berland) on the campus of the University of Bordeaux near the “Pey-Berland” place. Such a location within  the center of Bordeaux city should  be convenient and pleasant for people attending the conference because both the historical part of Bordeaux and the main facilities will be accessible in a few minutes. In particular, the tramway stops a few meters from the Pôle juridique et Judiciaire.

Pôle Juridique et Judiciaire, Université de Bordeaux

35, Place Pey Berland

Bordeaux 33000

The Pole is located in the very town center, and you can easily get there by public transport.

From the train station: Take tramway line C (direction Les Aubiers) then change at “Porte de Bourgogne“. Take tramway line A (direction Mérignac centre) and stop at “Hôtel de Ville“.

From the airport: At “Aéroport Terminus” bus stop, take the bus “Liane 1” direction “Quinconces Munich“. Stop at “GambettaWalk 7mn to “the Place Pey Berland“. Liane 1 provides also connecting services with Tram Line A at “Mérignac Centre”.

3rd Annual Conférence FAERE – September 08-09, 2016 – Bordeaux


Bordeaux City Centre


12 rue Saint Rémi

Tel : (33) 5 56 81 66 58




7, rue Franklin

Tel (33) 5 56 48 24 11




4, cours Georges Clémenceau

Tel : (33) 5 56 52 98 98




4 rue Bouffard

Tel : (33) 5 56 81 85 01




14-16 rue de la vieille tour

Tel : (33) 5 56 44 56 56




10 Rue Montesquieu

Tel : (33) 5 56 52 66 005




35 Cours Maréchal Juin

Tel : (33) 5 56 90 74 00



Near the Railway Station


15 Rue Charles Domercq

Tel : (33) 5 56 91 72 16




28 – 30 Rue de Tauzia

Tel : (33) 5 56 92 21 21




68-78 Rue de Tauzia

Tel : (33) 5 56 91 55 50




34 Rue Charles Domercq

Tel : (33) 5 56 91 66 07


4th FAERE Annual Conference – September 12-13, 2017 – Nancy

FAERE Administration / Saloua Boushina
INRA / UMR LAMETA, 2 place Viala, 34060 Montpellier Cedex 2.

Conference organizers: Conference2017[at]faere.fr

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