The Association is composed of individual members, institutional members, benefactor members and honorary members.

Becoming an individual member of the Association is open to all persons involved or interested in environmental and resource economics, who share the Association’s objectives, without any nationality or language restriction. The full membership fee, for one calendar year, is €50. For students, unemployed and retirees, the reduced fee is €20.

An institutional member is a body, public or private, which joins the Association and contributes with an annual membership of €1000.

A benefactor member is a person or any body funding the Association with a contribution higher than the membership of the institutional members, i.e. €1000, at the creation date of the association.

The statute of honorary member of the Association may be awarded to any person reknowned for his/her contribution to promoting, valuing and advancing research and expertise works in environmental economics, and who was elected by the General Assembly upon proposition of the Steering Committee. The honorary members are elected for an unlimited time period.

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