FAERE Thematic Workshops

The 13th FAERE Thematic Workshop will be held at the Gustave Eiffel University (Cité Descartes, Champs-sur-Marne), on June 1st and 2nd, on the topic “Cities and Environment”.

Call for papers
Deadline for submission: April 19, 2023
Notification of acceptance: May 5, 2023
Registration deadline: May 19, 2023

Please visit the conference website : https://jt-faere23.sciencesconf.org/

The 12th FAERE Thematic Workshop will be held at the University Paris-Saclay, on April 21 and 22, on the topic “Economics and Management of Climate Change: Linking Adaptation and Mitigation”.

This two-day workshop will include:

  • A keynote lecture by Pr. Thomas Sterner (University of Gothenburg)
  • A number of sessions with presentation of selected research papers in economics and management
  • A roundtable with scientists, policy-makers and stakeholders, to discuss the conclusions of the AR6 Climate Change 2022 report on “Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability” (working group 2) and “Mitigation of Climate Change” (working group 3) to be released a few weeks before the workshop.

Registration online: https://forms.gle/4VkMjtfescaYuhem9


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The 11th FAERE Thematic Workshop was held at the Paris School of Economics, France, on December 9-10, 2019. On the theme of energy transition, various topics were covered including fossil fuel use, renewable energy, energy efficiency, innovation, and energy transition instruments.


The 10th FAERE Thematic workshop, hosted by the University of Guyane, has been devoted to the three complementary topics « Energy – Biodiversity – Ecological Transition ».

The program consisted of oral presentations, which had undergone a selection procedure.

The keynote lectures were given by:
– Stefan Baumgärtner (Germany),
– Quentin Grafton (Australia),
– Michel Loreau (France).
Conference website

The keynote lectures were given by:
– Pascal Boireau (Directeur du laboratoire de Santé animale, ANSES, France),
– Olivier Deschenes (Professeur à l’Université de Californie, Santa Barbara, EU),
– Nicolas Treich (Directeur de Recherche à l’INRA, TSE-R, France).

Call for papers: Call for papers 5th FAERE Thematic Workshop
The CREM page on the workshop is available from the link: http://crem.univ-rennes1.fr/spip.php?rubrique158

The information about the workshop are available at: http://www.lov.obs-vlfr.fr/
Program: Call_FAERE_Villefranche_Nov_2015

Call for papers: Call JTFAERE 2015
Program: Program JT FAERE 2015
Contact: Dorothée Brécard (brecard(at)univ-tln.fr)

Devoted to dynamic and/or spatial issues in environmental and resource economics, this thematic meeting of the FAERE was jointly organised by EconomiX (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense), Economie Publique (INRA-AgroParisTech) and the FAERE.
Contact: Natacha Raffin (nraffin(at)u-paris10.fr) and Vincent Martinet (vincent.martinet(at)grignon.inra.fr)