Poste de recherche (Post-doc) en modélisation économique, théorique et quantitative pour une économie circulaire

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The Department of Economics, jointly with Tilburg Sustainability Center, has a vacancy for a Postdoctoral Researcher/Teacher in Economics (full time for 4 years). We are looking for an economist with both theory and quantitative skills. The postdoc will contribute to the development of a new generation of computable general equilibrium models that can analyse the contribution of circular economy strategies and policies on GHG emission mitigation.

Job description:
The postdoctoral researcher/teacher will work on the Horizon Europe project “CircoMod – Circular economy modelling for climate change mitigation”. Its aim is to model how circular economy (CE) strategies impact GHG emissions and resource efficiency. The researcher will contribute to the project by extending existing economic theories and models with circular economy features. Extensions include the representation of secondary markets and material balances, including a vintage structure in the resource use block, and linking material physical flows to trade patterns, sector value-added, primary and secondary material use, regional competitiveness, and resource (in)dependence. Through the project the researcher collaborates with a diverse group of European researchers on economics, climate, material flows, and policy making.

The new researcher will work with Prof. Reyer Gerlagh on the economic modelling activities and with Dr Asel Doranova on policy dialogues and work with stakeholders. The project is expected to lead to publications in top field journals.

The job includes a 25% teaching task consisting of thesis supervision and teaching in Python-related programming courses and environmental economics courses.

Localisation de l'emploi : Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Nature de l'emploi : Post-doc
Personne contact : Reyer Gerlagh ( ) ou Asel Doranova ()
Date limite de candidature : 01/04/2022