PhD Thesis on “The challenges of teleworking for the energy transition”

This project aims to shed light on the central theoretical and empirical questions surrounding the issue of teleworking, mobility and energy consumption, and the resulting greenhouse gas emissions in order to provide policy recommendations. It will be carried out and financed by the Chair of Environmental Economics (CLEE – of the University of Savoie Mont Blanc. This thesis will answer the following problem: To what extent is teleworking an effective lever for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a society in energy transition? The analyzes should take into account the possible modal shift as alternative modes of transport that are expected to develop in the future. This doctoral work will be structured in 3 axes, with three empirical and theoretical insights on the following points:
(i) The level of teleworking which optimizes productivity and the mobility linked to it
(ii) The possibilities of teleworking, the areas of recruitment and the choice of location
(iii) Teleworking policies and residential and business energy consumption.
These three axes correspond to the writing of three research articles which will all make it possible to assess the indirect impact of teleworking (via mobility practices and the energy consumption of buildings) on greenhouse gas emissions.

Job location : Annecy
Nature of the job : PhD grant
Contact person : CHARLIER Dorothée
Application deadline : 21/02/2022