Internship on agri-environmental insurance contracts: Data analysis of a choice experiment

This internship is part of the project “BEHAVE: Behavioral analysis and Economic experiments for agri-environmental policy evaluation”, financed by the Pays de Loire region within the framework of the “Etoiles Montantes” program.

The BEHAVE project focuses on the potential of agri-environmental insurance to remove economic and psychological barriers to pesticide use. Although the current agricultural insurance systems have been largely tested in recent years by the successive climatic hazards that have affected agricultural crops, the loss of yield due to diseases is currently outside of the scope of insurable practices. A contract of this type is currently being tested by Groupama with wine growers as part of the VitiREV program which aims to reduce the use of pesticides. This contract guarantees coverage of crop losses in exchange for a commitment to use a decision support tool likely to reduce the Treatment Frequency Index. Data from a choice experiment with French wine growers will be analyzed in the framework of the internship, in order to estimate the willingness to pay of wine growers for different characteristics of these agri-environmental insurance contracts. Other complementary analyses such as the potential impact in terms of reduction of fungicide use in France will also be conducted.

For more information, please refer to the attached document (in French).

Job location : Angers
Nature of the job : CDD
Contact person : Pauline Pedehour,
Application deadline : 01/12/2022
Attached file : stage_granem_behave_2023_viti.pdf