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October 7, 2013      pdf


The French environmental economists and their French-speaking colleagues took the opportunity of the EAERE 21st Annual Conference to meet in Toulouse last June, for creating their own association.

The French Association of Environmental and Resource Economists – FAERE  aims at bringing together researchers, teachers, academics and all those engaged in research and / or expertise in environmental and natural resources economics. FAERE also helps at promoting all kind of works in the field and takes steps and actions to make the works of the Association members known by public and private institutions. It intends to build strong relations with the different related scientific associations (AFSE, EAERE, and others like AERE, CREE, etc.).

FAERE will organize scientific workshops, conferences, summer schools and publish a Working Papers and Policy Papers Series.

Its membership is open to all persons involved or interested in environmental and resource economics, who share the Association’s objectives, without any nationality or language restriction.

The establishment of FAERE is an answer to the need of organization and networking of the expanding community of French and/or French-speaking environmental economists which has represented for a few years one of the largest national groups in each EAERE and WCERE conferences. It intends to facilitate scientific exchanges with the policymakers as well as with the private sector. The Association aims also at representing a large pool of experts in all fields of environmental economics who can be solicited by the media when necessary.

Alain Ayong Le Kama was elected as President, and Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline, Charles Figuières and François Salanié as vice-Presidents. Among the members of the Steering Committee, Vincent Martinet was appointed as the Association’s representative at EAERE and Julien Daubanes was appointed as Delegate of the French researchers abroad. These mandates convey the Association’s will of international openness, gathering about common goals and promotion of young researchers.

The main information medium of the Association will be its website :

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Head of communication and public relations : Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline (press(at)