Postdoc: Bioenergy, Land Use, and Climate Policies

Duration: 12 to 24 months starting between January and March 2023
Location: Université Paris-Saclay, PSAE & Institut Polytechnique de Paris, CREST, Palaiseau, France

Bioenergy (firewood, biomethane, biofuels…) is a possible alternative to electrification for certain activities (heating, industry, heavy transport, aviation…) but its place in a carbon neutral economy is uncertain and controversial. The carbon balance of the different bioenergy sectors is controversial because of the alternative uses of the land.
Land use plays a central role in a carbon-neutral economy because of i) agricultural production (20% of national emissions) ii) production of substitutes for polluting products including bioenergy but also timber or biochemicals and iii) carbon sink. A double question of allocation is key for the energy transition: allocation, between different uses, of bioenergy and compensated emissions.

The postdoc will work in an ecosystem of actors of the energy transition (ADEME, ENGIE), and researchers in environmental and energy economics at CREST and PSAE. It will aim to contribute to academic and concrete reflections on policies to support bioenergy and will participate in the organization of a workshop.

Research questions envisaged, accompanying a critical reading of the National Low Carbon Strategy:
– What are the relevant criteria for determining the allocation of land between different sectors, especially bioenergy?
– How should subsidies (or other support policies) to bioenergy sectors integrate alternative land uses and the opportunity cost of carbon?

Envisioned methodology : Applied microeconomic theory, Public Economics, Numerical simulations

Job location : Agrocampus, 22 place de l'agronomie, 91120 Palaiseau, France
Nature of the job : Post-doc
Contact person : Guy Meunier,
Application deadline : 15/12/2022