PhD in Urban and Environmental Economics

PhD in Urban and Environmental Economics: Environmental trade-offs in urban areas: which roles for public policies?

There is a growing literature about the effects of public policies but studies are still scarce at the urban scale, especially for French cities. They mainly focus on the competition between agricultural and urban land use (e.g. Chanel et al., 2014; Coisnon et al., 2014) or on urban traffic-related pollution (see Legras and Védrine, 2020 for a review). Further impact analyses are required because several public policies shape the environmental allocations of urban spaces through planning, zoning or conservation policies such as greenbelts, low emission zones, etc.
The PhD student will shed light on the roles and the impacts of environmental policies.

Further information, including the application procedure, can be found in the attached file.

Job location : Dijon
Nature of the job : PhD grant
Contact person : Guillain, Rachel,
Application deadline : 31/10/2022
Attached file : phd-application_greenland.pdf