Junior chair on the economics of climate change and health

The Center of Environmental Economics-Montpellier (cee-m.fr) offers a three-year tenure track position (junior chair) to conduct a research program on the economic analysis of the impacts of climate change on health.

The three-year tenure track position will start on the 1st of December 2022. It comes with a research fund of 200K euros, very low teaching load (about 50 hours a year), and monthly gross salary of 3400 euros. Upon receiving tenure, the candidate will be promoted to full professor at the University of Montpellier.

The CEE-M is one of the largest faculties in environmental and resource economics in Europe. We conduct theoretical and applied research in all fields of environmental and resource economics, as well as agricultural economics, behavioral and experimental economics, train multiple PhD students each year, and closely collaborate with other universities in France and abroad.

We search for candidates with about 5 years of experience after the PhD, excellent publication record, and recognized skills in environmental economics, including the topic of the program. Priority will be given to applicants willing to develop original projects on the quantification of the different health risks and impacts of climate change, and the identification of mitigation and/or adaptation solutions to these risks. The capacity to conduct interdisciplinary research, in particular within the MUSE consortium, will also be considered.

The selected candidate will have the opportunity to hire a PhD student and a postdoc, and is expected to coordinate a team of researchers at CEE-M working on related topics.

The offer will be officially released on June 17, on Galaxie (https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/candidats.html), the french website for academics, and Euro-access (https://www.euro-access.eu). Applications must be submitted via the former website. There will be a limited application period, from June 17th to July 27th 2022. For further information about this position, please contact Fabien Prieur ().

Job location : University of Montpellier
Nature of the job : CDD
Contact person : PRIEUR, Fabien,
Application deadline : 27/07/2022