Internship in Environmental Valuation

The European MINRESCUE project ( provides innovative solutions for recycling of coal mining waste and their application in construction industry. In this project, BRGM is in charge –in close collaboration with the project partners, of conducting the environmental assessment of the developed recycling routes and their possible benefits compared to a business-as-usual scenario. An economic analysis including monetary valuation of the environmental impacts is also conducted.
Under the supervision of the MINRESCUE project manager, the trainee will be in charge of conducting the economic assessment of the recycling routes developed during the project. The assessment will consider a monetary valuation of the environmental impacts calculated by means of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology.
For this purpose, the trainee will:
– Collect data from multiple sources (e.g., survey of industrial partners, technical guides…) to be used as inputs of the economic assessment;
– Define a monetary valuation method applicable to LCA results, from a literature review;
– Conduct the economic assessment –including monetary valuation of the environmental impacts- of different recycling scenarios;
– Disseminate the results to the European MINRESUCE partners (especially mining operators and concrete industrials).

Job location : Orléans
Nature of the job : CDD
Contact person : Faustine Laurent
Application deadline : 31/01/2022