CPER ECRIN project “Environment Climate – Research and Innovation”

ECRIN “Climate Environment – Research and Innovation” project.
We are launching a call for applications for an 18-month research contract. In collaboration with the other members of the ECRIN project, the recruited candidate will contribute to pillar 2.4.1 “Impact of climate change on agriculture”.

Description of the research
The objective is to study farmers’ perceptions and adaptations to climate change. It will consist in analyzing the evolutions of the profession and the re-reading of the profession of farmer by the farmers.
In France, for twenty years, both within research organizations such as INRAE and public authorities through the commitment of the Ministry of Agriculture, actors have been constructing a discourse in favor of the greening of agricultural practices. The challenge today is therefore the appropriation of these discourses by farmers. What meaning do farmers give to their profession and what practices do they associate with it?

As part of a research project funded by the Hauts-de-France Region (AProTer 2018-20) whose objective was to highlight the advantages and limits of food relocation, the CRISS, CLERSE and TVES laboratories worked on the ecological knowledge of farmers and the trajectories of farms. In partnership with the agriculture and territorial dynamics department of the European metropolis of Lille (MEL) and the rural development and living environment department of the Douaisis urban community (Douaisis Agglo), two surveys were carried out in 2019 among 65 farmers in order to better understand the relationships between agricultural practices and natural resources.

The challenge of this offer will thus be to start from these interviews to complete the analysis of the representations and practices of farmers through the realization of complementary qualitative and quantitative analyses.

The recruited candidate  will be required to carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses.
On the quantitative side, it will be a question of exploiting the data of the last agricultural census (RA 2020) and comparing them with those of the previous census (RA 2010) to study the evolutions of the productive and commercial practices of farmers.
On the qualitative side, the work will consist of carrying out and using semi-structured interviews with farmers. The aim will be to study the evolution of the representations of the actors. This work will be supplemented by surveys of the upstream (seed companies) and downstream (processing activities) of the production activity.

Job description
Bac +5. Master 2 level in economics. Multidisciplinary profiles in social sciences may be eligible for this position.
Skills required: analysis of qualitative and quantitative data; scientific curiosity and rigor; writing and oral communication skills in French (and English), ability to interact with project partners
Assignment date: from June 1, 2023
Duration of the contract: 15 months
Work shift: full time
Remuneration: from €1876.13 gross monthly
Place of employment: University of Lille, Faculty of Economics, Social and Territorial Sciences, Clersé Laboratory, Villeneuve d’Ascq
Supervision: Ornella Boutry (Clersé, University of Lille)

Written applications, including a cover letter and a complete CV, must be sent by email to
The application deadline is March 1, 2023.

Job location : Lille
Nature of the job : CDD
Contact person : Ornella Boutry,
Application deadline : 01/03/2023