Post-doctoral Fellowship in Agricultural and Applied Econometrics

The FAST (Facilitate public Action to exit from peSTicides) project aims at providing sound theory and empirical evidence of the effectiveness of a variety of public actions for triggering a large-scale transition to pesticide-free agriculture and assessing the socio-economic consequences of such a radical change. The general objective of our project is to propose political and organizational solutions, directly usable by the public decision-makers and stakeholders more broadly, whose efficiency will have been evaluated by the most advanced techniques, which include lab and field experiments, research-action approaches, and the use of large-scale simulation models.

The post-doc researcher will be attached to WP3 — Food demand, Markets and Trade — which aims at studying and quantifying the market effects of pesticide use reduction at the French, European and world levels. The post-doc will be involved in estimating elasticities of the demand for pesticide-free food products (Task 3.1.1).

The objective of the mission is to estimate and predict the evolution over time of the elasticities of demand for pesticide-free food products using scanner data (Caillavet, Fadhuile, and Nichèle 2016, 2019; Lewbel and Pendakur 2009). The post-doc researcher will consider organic products as benchmarks for the demand estimation which have been identified by specific labels for a few years now and are thus clearly differentiated from conventional products by consumers.

The main stages of the study will be as follows:
• Review of consumer demand literature, with a focus on zero consumption and panel data;
• Econometric modelling of food demand, including potential methodological improvements and development of computer programs for the estimation of the demand system;
• Develop the documentation associated with the work;
• Estimation, data analysis and interpretation of the results;
• Publication of scientific articles.

This work will be in line with previous research on food demand analysis of ALISS/PSAE team. The work will be supervised by economists from PSAE, SMART and GAEL.

Keywords: Food demand, Applied Econometrics, Panel Data, Scanner data, Food policy design.

Expected skills (priority): Applied Econometrics.
A PhD in applied econometrics with a specialisation in agricultural, environmental economics, consumer behaviour or industrial economics.
Programming: R and/or STATA.
Good writing skills in English.

Terms and tenure
This one-year position will be hosted at the Paris-Saclay Applied Economics (PSAE) Lab, INRAE.
The expected duration is 12 months.
The target start date for the position is first semester 2023, with some flexibility on the exact start date.

How to apply
Applicants are requested to submit the following materials:
• A cover letter applying for the position;
• Full CV and list of publications;
• Academic transcripts (unofficial versions are fine);
• Two reference letters with contact information.
Deadline for application is February 20, 2023, sent within one pdf with the application document name and mail object [Surname_PostdocFAST]. Applications are only accepted through email. All documents must be sent to ; ; .
Interview for selected candidates will take place in March 2023.

Job location
PSAE, INRAE, UMR Paris-Saclay Applied Economics (PSAE), 22, Place de l’Agronomie 91120 PALAISEAU
UMR GAEL, Univ. Grenoble-Alpes, INRAE, CNRS, Grenoble INP
SMART-LERECO, INRAE, l’institut Agro, Agro Campus Ouest, Rennes

General information
If you require any additional information, please contact:
Christine Boizot-Szantai, , IR PSAE, INRAE
Adélaïde Fadhuile, , MCF Univ Grenoble Alpes
Alain Carpentier, , DR, SMART, INRAE

Job location : Saclay or Grenoble
Nature of the job : Post-doc
Contact person : Christine Boizot-Szantai, ; Adélaïde Fadhuile, ; Alain Carpentier,
Application deadline : 20/02/2023