Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Working Papers and Policy Papers is directed by Julien Daubanes (FAERE VP).

It is composed of: Saraly Andrade de Sa (since 05/2021), Olivier Chanel (since 02/2014), Johanna Choumert (02/2014), Philippe Delacote (10/2017), Mouez Fodha (10/2017), Gilles Lafforgue (02/2014), Harold Levrel (02/2014), Stéphane Luchini (10/2017), Philippe Mahenc (02/2014), Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu (10/2015), Vincent Martinet (02/2014), Katrin Millock (02/2014), Céline Nauges (02/2014), Hélène Ollivier (10/2017), Jean-Christophe Pereau (10/2017), Philippe Quirion (02/2014), Natacha Raffin (02/2014), Francesco Ricci (10/2017), François Salanié (09/2019), Raphaël Soubeyran (10/2017), Hubert Stahn (10/2017), Julie Subervie (10/2017).

We are very grateful to François Salanié for initiating and developing the FAERE series of Working Papers and Policy Papers.

We thank for their participation Matthieu Glachant (from the origins to April 2017), Katrin Erdlenbruch (from the origins to July 2017), Sandrine Spaeter (from the origins to December 2017), Fabien Prieur (from the origins to December 2018) and Arnaud Reynaud (from October 2015 to September 2019).
Please write to the editorial board only through this email adress: rf.ereaf@srepap_gnikrow