Election of the Steering Committee 2021

The Steering Committee is appointed for 4 years, renewable by half, by the current members of the association, with a list system and a simple majority.

This year, in accordance with the official FAERE statutes and its internal rules modified in 2020, the Steering Committee was renewed by half. The following members of the current committee stepped down and could run again: Dominique Bureau, Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline, Julien Daubanes, Matthieu Glachant, Vincent Martinet, Aude Pommeret et Lionel Ragot.

An electronic voting was organized at the beginning of September 2021. It was open to any member of the Association joining before August 31 at midnight. They received the necessary voting instructions by e-mail at the opening of the election.

The results were announced at the General Assembly held during the annual conference, on 9-10 septembre 2021, in Grenoble.

Only one candidate list was submitted.


– Dominique Bureau
– Raja Chakir
– Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline
– Anne Fournier
– Serge Garcia
– Marie-Hélène Hubert
– Jean-Christophe Pereau

Candidacy declaration – Statement of faith

Since its creation in 2013, FAERE has pursued its objective of bringing together environmental economists in France, and enabling mutually beneficial scientific exchanges, in addition to and beyond those already existing in research units or within more generalist or international associations. The association’s mission is to strengthen the interest of economists in these themes at a time when the threats and stakes for our development have become major, to stimulate thoughts and discussions between French and foreign colleagues, and to promote the work done in this field.

Its activities are now well established and have endured despite the health crisis that has affected us since early 2020. In particular, the annual conferences gather each year more than a hundred participants and the 2020 conference could be held online, thanks to the unfailing mobilization of its organizers from GAEL in Grenoble. The September 2021 conference will be the opportunity for more than 120 participants to meet again “in person”, which we all look forward to. The Thematic Days will become regular events again, as well as the Doctoral workshop initiated this year.

The current period is one of wider public recognition of the importance of our subjects of interest. This is evidenced by the media coverage of the release of the 6th IPCC report in the midst of a summer of 2021 marked by repeated natural disasters. Through its series of publications, FAERE intends to continue its role of promoting and disseminating the analyses and solutions proposed by our community beyond the academic sphere.

Within our association, all scientists from public or private organizations working on all topics related to environmental economics, natural resources and energy are welcome. Furthermore, we encourage originality, quality and diversity of approaches, as well as transparency and replicability of research results.

By putting ourselves forward for your vote, we wish to join our efforts to those of the other members of the Steering Committee in order to reinforce all the actions undertaken (specific FAERE colloquia, AFSE sessions, EAERE presence, doctoral students’ days, WP and policy papers, website which can become a pivotal tool for our action now that the technical difficulties have been solved, job market), and to increase the visibility of environmental economics and of the work of our members in civil society, in the political sphere and in institutions.