The Editorial Board of the Working Papers and Policy Papers is directed by François Salanié (FAERE VP).

It is composed of: Olivier Chanel (since 2014/02), Johanna Choumert (2014/02), Julien Daubanes (2014/02), Katrin Erdlenbruch (2014/02), Matthieu Glachant (2014/02), Gilles Lafforgue (2014/02), Harold Levrel (2014/02), Philippe Mahenc (2014/02), Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu (2015/10), Vincent Martinet (2014/02), Katrin Millock (2014/02), Céline Nauges (2014/02), Fabien Prieur (2014/02), Philippe Quirion (2014/02), Natacha Raffin (2014/02), Arnaud Reynaud (2015/10), Sandrine Spaeter (2014/02).

Please write to the editorial board only through this email adress: working_papers(at)