Emeline HILY
Incentive payments for biodiversity conservation: A dynamic and spatial analysis.
Advisor and co-advisor: Anne Stenger (LEF et BETA, INRA) and Serge Garcia (LEF, INRA)
July 3, 2017

Modelling European Forest Products Consumption and Trade in a Context of Structural Change.
Advisor and co-advisor: Philippe Delacote (LEF, INRA) and Olivier Damette (BETA-CNRS, Université de Lorraine, Nancy)
March 9, 2017

Structure of preferences, decision-making and the environment: theoretical and experimental approaches.
Advisor and co-advisor: Alain Ayong Le Kama (Université Paris Nanterre) and Vincent Martinet (UMR Économie Publique, INRA/AgroParisTech)
January 16, 2017

International trade and environment: the role of environmental regulations.
Advisor and co-advisor: Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline (PSE, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) and Mouez Fodha (PSE, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
December 13, 2016

Gengyang TU
The value of forest for local population – A spatial analysis.
Advisor and co-advisor: Serge Garcia (LEF, INRA) and Jens Abildtrup (LEF, INRA)
December 9, 2016

Integrated modelization of land use in France: from the crop choice to the choice of economic sector.
Advisor: Pierre-Alain Jayet (UMR Économie Publique, INRA/AgroParisTech)
December 15, 2015

Laetitia TUFFERY
Environmental forest value and spatial heterogeneity of recreational services using the hedonic approach.
Advisor and co-advisor: Lionel Ragot (UPOND) and Laurent Simon (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
December 9, 2015

Approche bioéconomique et gestion intégrée des zones humides.
Advisor and co-advisor: Jean-Christophe Péreau (GREThA, Université de Bordeaux) and Patrick Point (GREThA, Université de Bordeaux)
May 11, 2015

Compensations for social and ecological impacts of development projects: local stakeholders’ acceptance, perceptions and preferences. Application to the projected offshore wind farm of the Bay of Saint-Brieuc.
Advisor and co-advisor: Harold Levrel (CIRED, AgroParisTech) and Antoine Carlier (Dyneco-EB, Ifremer)
December 17, 2014

Anne-Charlotte VAISSIERE
Organizational and institutional issues of implementing biodiversity offsets policies. A case study of continental and offshore wetlands.
Advisor and co-advisor: Harold Levrel (CIRED, AgroParisTech) and Sylvain Pioch (CEFE, Université Paul Valéry Montpellier)
November 27, 2014

Voluntary approaches to environnemental regulation : a normative perspective.
Advisor: Hubert Stahn (Aix-Marseille University)
November 25, 2014

Analyses de la disponibilité économique des métaux rares dans le cadre de la transition énergétique.
Advisor and co-advisor:Catherine Baumont (Université de Bourgogne) et Frédéric Lantz (Institut Français du Pétrole)
October 6, 2014

Integrating ecosystem in the evaluation of transport infrastructure projects.
Advisor and co-advisor: Jean-Michel Salles (CNRS UMR LAMETA) and Sébastien Roussel (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier – UMR LAMETA)
July 11, 2014

Groundwater resource management subject to droughts: analysis of adaptation strategies.
Advisor and co-advisor: Mabel Tidball (INRA UMR LAMETA) et Katrin Erdlenbruch (IRSTEA UMR G EAU)
July 8, 2014

Interactions between aquaculture and fisheries, and the viability approach to risk management in harvested ecosystems.
Advisor: Katheline Schubert (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
June 20, 2014

Loraine ROY
The relevance of monetary valuations of biodiversity for public decision making.
Advisor: Alain Ayong Le Kama (Université de Lille 1)
December 3, 2013